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Fake emails and text messages 

We get a lot of inquiries about fake emails and text messages at the moment. The emails and messages appear to have been sent from us, Skattestyrelsen. Please don’t click on links or share information before you have made sure that it is indeed us, Skattestyrelsen, who sent you an email or a text message 

See what you need to watch out for at: skat.dk/fakeemails

Your tax assessment notice is ready


You can check it until 1 May.

Please note that the tax assessment notice and the payment option are now available in English. 

Par der er flyttet

Tax refund

We refund overpaid tax to your NemKonto, starting on 12 April 2024. However, sometimes it may take longer for us to make the refund.

If, for example, you have not filed your tax return, if you are owed a considerable tax refund or if you or your spouse owe money to the public authorities, it may take longer as we need to offset your debt against any overpaid tax.

We need to ensure that offsetting against overpaid tax is effected according to the law. Therefore, we check your possible debt before we make a refund. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to speed up our processing of your tax matters or accelerate your refund - even if you call us or pay your debt.

For further legal information in Danish see Our Danish-language legal guide .